• Shri Kumar Pal Bhai

    जीव मैत्री के बिना जिनेन्द्र भक्ति का अधिकार नहीं मिलता। जीवंत जीव भक्ति.

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  • Shri Kamal Kishor Ji

    श्रीमद् भागवत ज्ञान गंगा यज्ञ एवं गौरक्षा सम्मेलन के अवसर पर श्री महावीर

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  • Donation Corner

Dear Cow Devotees 

I want to inform you that when Lord Mahaveer Swami 2600th birthday ceremony was being celebrated in year 2001, during that time on 05 October 2001 Shri Mahaveer Gaushala Kalyan Sansthan was established. Its work was being started under the inspiration we got from animal lover & jain Shasan-Ratna Shri Kumarpal Bhai V. Shah, Kalikund-Dholka, Ahemdabad (Gujarat) and under the guidance by Shrimad Bhagvat Katha Spokes-person Malwa Sant Shri Kamalkishor Ji Nagar, Semli Ashram, Shahjapur (M.P.)
First of all, after this institution took the responsibility of 50 years old Jaleda Gaushala in its hand which was been situated near the shore of river Parvati & under municipal council baran, dicided by state government.
Second unit of institution was established in Mamoni-Deveri Upreti of sehriya tribal area of Shahbad tehsil whose beauty attracts the people passing by the way of NH-27.
Like this only, third unit was establisehed on Two Lane State Mega Highway (Baran-Sawai Madhopur) in front of Shri Badan Balaji Dham 25 July 2015 in aspiration of Gau-Mata first holy foot-step, yet it is for remarkable working of multipurpose animal hospital & mobile helpline centre’ which is under construction & reserved.
All three units have about more than 1200 neat cattle. Most of these were found on road in orphan & helpless situation & were kept secure by the institutions. Accept these large number of neat cattle is being already kept in units, which are non descript. Continue Reading »

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